Bingo Machine for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Automatic Calling

To play, you don't have to call every number yourself. Instead, set a timer and Bingo Machine will automatically read numbers, after a specified interval.

Speech and Sounds

As each ball is called, the number can be spoken from your iOS device, using a real human voice. Colloquialisms and rhyming bingo calls, such as "two little ducks", will also be used if suitable. In addition, optional sound effects round off the experience.

AirPlay and TV-Out

Use in a group, charity or other event environment by connecting to an external display and show the current ball on a larger screen. Either use a compatible iOS TV-Out Connector or stream, wirelessly, to an Apple TV via AirPlay.

Worldwide Appeal

Bingo Machine supports both English and American bingo game types, 90 or 75 ball numbers. The appropriate letters (B-I-N-G-O) will also be displayed, where appropriate. This means Bingo Machine can be used world-wide and universally.

To use AirPlay, to stream Bingo Machine to your big screen wirelessly, you need an Apple TV and an iOS device that supports AirPlay Mirroring; iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later.

Then, enable AirPlay Mirroring on your device and open Bingo Machine. On the external display, the current ball is shown large, for maximum visibility.

Depending on the display's contrast, a black-on-white theme may be more preferable to the default white-on-black. This option can, therefore, be customised in app's settings.

Ball Rhyming Call
01 Kelly's Eye
11 Legs Eleven
13 Unlucky For Some
22 Two Little Ducks
55 Snakes Alive
69 Any Way Up
88 Two Fat Ladies

This is just a selection of the available rhyming calls.

In Bingo Machine itself, these (and more) appear as speech prompts, so the game host doesn't have to remember bingo calls again.

If you have an older iOS device (that does not support AirPlay Mirroring), it is still possible to use Bingo Machine in combination with a larger display or projector.

These cables can be used to connect to VGA, HDMI, Component and other types of video connections. This means Bingo Machine can be used on almost all projectors and TV sets, with the appropriate cable.

To use the TV-Out feature, plug your iOS device into the external display, via the video-out cable, and open Bingo Machine. Bingo Machine will detect the display automatically and display a large number - representing the current ball being called.

Bingo Machine collects no sensitive user data. Purchases use your iTunes account and Apple as the merchant, Bingo Machine does not see your personal payment information.